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Clea PR is a strategic thinking powerhouse that enables the polygamous marriage of creativity with innovation and paradigm defying logic.

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clea has consistently planned, formulated and deployed successful, data-driven, High-ROI PR strategies for many of the large local and global brands in India. The resulting ‘Return on PR' that these brands have gained stands testimony to our expertise and experience in systematically applying PR both as a creative art form and proven science, based on a deep understanding of the psyche and behaviour of the Indian Market.

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Clea PR is credited with the distinction of having pioneered the movement towards planned and strategic PR in India.

we are a part of the Clea Group of Companies, a Rs. 1 billion entity offering a wide range of services including Public Relations, Film Production, Marketing Consultancy, Celebrity Management, Visual Communication & Design, Brand Custodial Services and Market Research. Clea PR, the Public Relations entity of the Group, offers a comprehensive portfolio of public relations services including Media Relations, Digital PR, Stakeholder Relations, Investor Communication & IPO Management, Employee Communication, Crisis Management, Media Opinion Management, Media Research, entry & launch strategies. Download Employee Handbook

started in August 1995, Clea PR is today a network of 6 full-service branches and over 150 communication professionals spread across the country. Counted amongst the biggest PR agencies of India and handling the needs of some of the world's largest corporations and brands, Clea PR is renowned for being the 'cradle and school' of PR professionals in the country. Most known senior professionals in the industry have passed through the portals of Clea and gained a firm foundation in the art and science of PR Practice. A few years back, Clea became the first and only Public Relations Consultancy© in the world to ever advertise on Television.

Clea PR offers all the services that any conventional PR Firm would offer and has a few more services under its Value Added Services belt.
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